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Introducing Rick Kent

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Master Teaching Professional

For over 40 years Rick Kent has excelled in the game of Golf.  In high school Rick won his first regional championship.  As an aspiring connoisseur Rick learned from pro golfers and PGA/LPGA tour players such as Gary Player, J.C. Sneed, Tom Wargo, Larry Mancour, Nick Berklich, Bob Ackerman, Tom Weiskopf, Jack Nicklaus, Tommy Arron, Marty Fleckman, Mike Souchak, Babe Hiskey, Penny Pulz and others.  He has been blessed with a natural ability to understand the mechanics of the game and to help others maximize their potential.  Rick is now a teaching professional providing instruction in Linden, Michigan at Spring Meadows C.C. during the summer months, and in Hobe Sound, Florida at Hobe Sound G.C. during the winter months.  Rick has helped hundreds of people learn the correct fundamentals of the golf game.

Rick is available year round for lessons and trick shot exhibitions.  Rick is passionate about the game of golf and prides himself in learning techniques that make the game easier and more enjoyable.  You too can learn from Rick and improve your golf game.  Through individual, hands on training sessions, expert club fitting and analysis, and personalized DVD videos Rick will teach you fundamentals, different types of shots, different types of clubs, the mental aspect, quick fixes while you're on the course, rules of the game, and answer any questions you may have.  Your swing and equipment can be expertly analyzed to improve your body motions and to make sure you have clubs that fit.  Rick can help you perform to the best of your ability.

Rick is also a trick shot artist, putting on around 15 trick shot exhibitions throughout the summer.  Rick's tricks are some of the neatest and most interesting twists on the game of golf their is.  Let Rick entertain you while he tees off at four feet, swings with a six foot club and demonstrates other amazing shots that will be sure to be the talk of the party.

All lessons are guaranteed to bring you insight into the game of Golf and improve your performance on the course.  Choose individual lessons for adults or juniors, or save money with complete training packages.  Everyone can benefit from what Rick has to offer.  Get more information by following the links to your left, or
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